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Uretara Estuary Managers (UEM) formed in 2004 to protect habitat and birdlife around our estuary. Our scope of work expanded rapidly after gaining Sustainable Management funding in 2006 for catchment restoration projects, followed by other grants 2008 – 2011 to extend the boundaries of that work.

Our biggest challenge yet has just kicked off – the restoration of four large catchments extending from the Kaimai range to Uretara estuary, involving many landowners working closely with local volunteers to restore the health and biodiversity of waterways, native bush remnants and our estuary.

The energy and determination of our volunteers is making a real difference and we have already seen some of the rewards of that work, from greatly improved stream habitat to increasing birdlife around our estuary.

UEM became a charitable trust in 2006 and works closely with and other groups and organisations to achieve common goals.

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I felt privileged to be able to work with students learning about water quality and the creatures that live in the stream. We never did anything like this when we were at school.
— Rosalie Smith, QSM (and UEM)